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Мы не гонимся за гонорарами, а пытаемся донести до своего слушателя частичку того, что близко нам. Мы стараемся записывать хорошую музыку для хороших людей.

С уважением,
Валерий Ярушин
и его Группа.

Книга Валерия Ярушина
«Судьба по имени Ариэль»


Valery Yarushin — In Memoriam Gary Moore


In Memoriam Gary Moore

Music/Arrangement: Valery Yarushin
Lyrics: Vyacheslav Krasnov
Translation: Alyona Yarushina
Bass, Vocals: Valery Yarushin
The Drums: Alex Baev
Solo Guitar: Alex Strike

Don't you cry, Guitar!

Don't you tear apart my soul, Guitar!
There's nothing we can quarrel over now
Not this chord I need today, another.
How can I forgive myself it all

I diluted all my blood with tears
I've encountered many things in life
And I'll tell you, my dear friend, a secret.
The berth that I looked for wasn't found.

I just needed sunlight like a green leaf
Breaking through this pain and emptiness
Life is short and soon I'll have to leave
But life itself becomes a darkening place

Don't you cry, my dear friend, guitar.
You've broken your most important string
You just played about my life so far
And I was crying with you getting clean

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